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Bar Talk

This is, simply put, a running glossary of bar terms and techniques. I've mainly created this to keep you sane when you're reading cocktail recipes. Most recipes include a dozen side recipes or techniques notes. I figured I'd save us all the trouble and just hyperlink to one big post. If you really want to read it cover to cover, have at it.

Muddling & Muddlers

Muddling itself is fairly simple. Your tool, the muddler, should be a fair sized baton that is ideally plastic or metal (wood ones, while pretty, are a nightmare to keep clean). Simply put a few leaves of whatever fresh ingredient you're working with and one of the liquid ingredients (too many liquids, and the ingredient will be displaced in the liquid instead of smashed), and lightly press downwards in a twisting motion 5-10 times. That's it. You've successfully muddled.


Simple Syrup


The simplest of all syrups. Literally. It's just 1 part water to 1 part sugar. The best way to measure is by weight, but honestly in a home kitchen, it's less necessary. (A little unnecessary science: the relative density of sugar is about 16% less than the density of water. Simply meaning that a cup of sugar weighs 16% less than a cup of water. If you want measure by volume and adjust mathematically, feel free. It won't make a huge difference in cocktail unless you're making liters upon liters of syrup).

Simple Syrup
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